The Events Insight – S11 E6 Michael Weibecht

Episode 79

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Stand building and design is a precise craft.  With a degree in mathematics and a legacy of 70 years in the events industry, Michael was destined to follow in his fathers’ footsteps and work as a stand builder, craftsman and now company MD.

From an early age, Michael was working in the exhibition industry; weekends and holidays were spent learning how to design and install stands.

Michael is a believer in learning on the job.  You need to know how to do, before you manage.

He is also a big believer in taking time out and looking after your mental health.  Cycling is a massive part of his life; cycling to and from exhibitions is the norm for him!

We’re so pleased to have Michael join us from Germany and share his journey with you.

Self confessed not to be the most natural speaker in the world, especially in his second language, we’re sure you will agree he shares some really great content with you all.

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Episode 79