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Episode 78

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Alon Alroy – Technology gives you superpower

When you talk to Alon, you realise how important technology is for all our events. Whether it be a virtual event, a registration system or a full event App, technology is now pivitol to our modern day event needs.

Alon, based in sunny New York City, is the Co-Founder and CMO of Bizzabo, the Event Experience Operating System that powers the immersive in-person, virtual and hybrid event experiences of world-leading brands.

In 2012, Alon (alongside his business partners) designed the Bizzabo event App, then came the software in 2015, then the Pandemic hit in 2020.  After losing 50% of his staff to the Pandemic and having a business that relied solely on an industry which had disappeared, Alon had to make some changes, and fast.  Enter the training programme for event professionals; an on-line training session all about how to designed, deliver and run on-line event….. genius!!

Alon works closely with thousands of event executives and CMOs to deliver world-class event programmes.

He was named one of the Meetings industry’s “40 under 40 young leaders” by Collaborate & BizBash Magazine, one of Business Insider’s “2021’s Most Important Marketing Tech Executives”, and a “100 Most Influential People in The Event Industry” by Eventex.

Get ready for a truly fascinating and inspiring chat with Alon.

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