The Events Insight – S11 E3 Marvin McTaw

Episode 76

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Up until the pandemic, very few people had heard of a virtual meeting, let alone attended one.  The pandemic showed us that it is possible to run events in a new way and engage with a larger audience.

Marvin talks about the importance of virtual and hybrid meetings and how Sched, an event management software platform, is helping event organizers and attendees with its innovative and efficient technology. The platform powers various virtual, hybrid, and in-person events, from large-scale conventions to school events and conferences.

With a background in business & brand development, strategy and technology, Marvin understands how and why technology is so important to the events industry and his processes driven methods ensure a product and service that is user friendly and can be used across different sectors.

Marvin is a big believer in technology, its development and how it can enhance corporate events, schools and colleges.

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