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Episode 75

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Kelly Mortimer – It’s all glitz, glamour and weddings!

Strap yourself in for the fantastic bundle of energy and enthusiasm that is Kelly Mortimer!

Kelly’s first step into the world of events was certainly not like most people… she took an Event Sales role in the Caribbean. In the words of Kelly, she had never worked in events before, and didn’t know what to expect…. But she was ready for the challenge!

Kelly is all about the customer.

What are the difference types of customers, and what do they want?

She is all about understanding the psychology of the customer.

Kelly is the creator of The Next Level, The Wedding Sales Success programme, The Easy to Buy method and more. Helping Wedding Businesses to book more weddings and drive revenue without the overwhelm.

With over 20 years in the Events & Weddings Industry. Kelly has worked with celebrities and royal clientele including the late Queen Elizabeth 2nd, and with wedding budgets of up to £1million. Kelly spent 10 years in destination weddings followed by an incredible career in the luxury market in London which included: Mandarin Oriental, Claridge’s and being on the opening team for Rosewood London. Before starting her company, Kelly was Group Wedding Sales Director for 45 UK hotels and responsible for a team of 50 wedding planners. Kelly’s strategies have seen her clients reach £multi-Millions in revenue.

Website: IG @Wedding_Kell

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