The Events Insight – S9 E5 Matt Lamb

Episode 63

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What to say about Matt (or Matthew for his Mum) Lamb! He is everything that you expect an event professional to be; energetic, passionate, fun and just a little bit crazy!


In their conversation with Matt, Karen & Jack covered everything from frustrations with zoom calls, to attending events around the world (and what you can learn from them).


We hope that what you gain from listening to this podcast is that events are like people–all different, all with their own set of challenges and never the same! Matts adventures have taken him literally ‘Around the World in 80 Events’. He has experienced what 80 events in 26 countries are and what the event is: it’s impact, the environment, the bigger picture surrounding the event.

We all want to ‘think outside the box’ and push the boundaries with our events. Matt does this with his passion for the customer experience and the customer journey. He wants us to look at the customer journey in a different way and challenge the norms.

Are you ready to get on board his double-decker bus? Happy listening!


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Episode 63