The Events Insight – S9 E3 Peter Watts

Episode 61

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Peter Watts joins Jack and Karen on this weeks episode of the podcast.

His company Rockvolt (Website: are based in the UK and primarily focused on the sport and leisure sector.  They have three decades of experience and have worked at some of the world’s largest, most prestigious and exciting venues and events, including four Olympic Games.

He has an extensive background in the industry where he has enjoyed building, developing, progressing and growing sports venues, events and companies. You will hear how his focus remains on his customers, he’s an advocate for progressing staff engagement, with a desire to see sustainable practices delivered through great operational performance.

Peter shares where he started in events and how some of those experiences have allowed him to grow. With a passion for both sport and music he started purely as a spectator and fan but the bug got to him and he found a route to get paid for doing what he enjoyed.

This episode also allows Peter the chance to share some difficult experiences with us that have shaped him as well as those that make us laugh.

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Episode 61