The Events Insight – S9 E2 Luke Buckley

Episode 60

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This week Karen and Jack are joined by Luke Buckley.  He really does educate us on how tech can enhance the experience of any event. 

Luke is a proactive and hands-on marketing graduate with global sales and project management experience. His academic knowledge is supported by experience in high-pressure environments where creativity, communication and time management are vital. 

During the conversation, you will hear how effective Luke is both working with his team and also within a sales environment. 

He has embraced both the high and low periods of his education and professional life and tailored that learning to enhance his performance and personable skills. He now shares this with people he works with to help shape their futures.  

Listen as Luke takes us on his own journey and offers some of those bits of advice along the way that could help you at different stages of your own careers. 

Both Jack and Luke were out on location on projects so the audio isn’t quite as clean as normal, but it didn’t stop the laughter especially when Luke’s room service arrived (don’t worry it didn’t make the final cut!)


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Episode 60