The Events Insight – S6 E2 Lizzy Williamson

Episode 38

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Continuing the international feel of the Season, we’re joined in this episode by the “excuse-buster from Down Under”, Lizzy Williamson, who joins us from Sydney, Australia. Hold onto your hats as the Event Energiser, Personal Trainer, TV star and author of “Two Minute Moves” shares her story and gets us (well, Jack) moving.

As a child, Lizzy dreamt of becoming a professional dancer; dancing was her life and her ticket out of the small town in which she grew up. She achieved her dream and was loving her life when an irresponsible and inappropriate comment changed everything.  Around the same time she put her career on hold to become a mother and, two kids later, found herself in a dark place, eventually being diagnosed with postpartum (or postnatal) depression.

Lizzy tells us how she found her way back to being one of the most positive, energetic and inspiring people we’ve ever met. Starting slowly, she began to share her story with others with stories of their own, and she soon recognised and built on her skill in lifting people up both physically and mentally.

Then one day, after being at one too many events watching audiences flag after sitting for long periods (we’ve all been there), Lizzy decided she’d get up on stage to deliver bite-size energising wellness breaks, from “chair yoga” to full-on dancing, to help delegates re-focus and re-engage. Now in demand at virtual and live events all over the world, Lizzy spreads her joy, lifts people up and helps them to fly.

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