The Events Insight S2:E7 “It’s a wrap!”

Episode 15

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As Season Two comes to an end, Jack and Ellan are joined by listeners Clemy and Katie for the slightly longer than usual wrap session (lots to talk about!). They review this Season’s guests, put the hosts in the spotlight with some questions of there own, and discuss why this really is the best industry in the world!

Katie Hughes dials in from Dubai whilst in the middle of delivering an event at the Coca-Cola Stadium, where she is the Senior Events Manager. Katie came from the travel industry where she developed both a love and a talent for running events. She now works with the operations team delivering a wide range of different live events.

Clemy Crowther is an events graduate with a varied background including a stint working on cruise ships. Clemy is now responsible for organising events for the Mid-Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce. A keen advocate for volunteering and community involvement (for which she has won and been nominated for a number of awards), she is also a member of the Events Grads team, mentoring students and graduates just entering the industry.

Jack and Ellan are put in the spotlight with questions from Katie and Clemy, and they discuss some of the common themes, diverse backgrounds and sometimes crazy journeys into this amazing industry, all agreeing that it really is the best industry in the world!

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