Rachel Sheerin – S2: Episode 6

Episode 14

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To finish off Season Two with a bang, Jack and Ellan chat to the whirlwind that is Rachel Sheerin. Rachel is an award-winning keynote speaker, virtual MC, TEDx talker, Women in Events Board member and much, much more. She joins them from Charlotte, North Carolina to share her infectious enthusiasm and reveal how happiness creates success.

As a child, Rachel wanted to be a nun (apparently there are many reasons why this never happened!) and, via a typically twisty career path, ended up in events. Hear how she pivoted within the industry from a successful Director of Sales at a catering company to a motivational event speaker, demonstrating the diverse range of transferable skills that the industry offers and how you can take the spirit of events into any role.

A firm advocate of the power of good food and good wine to bring people together, Rachel recognises that “at its very core, events can get things done, and at its very best, events can change the world”, believing that your return on investment equals your rate of involvement.

With an infectious enthusiasm that betrays the burnout she once felt, Rachel talks about how “events people create miracles” and why she believes that this industry “is the best industry in the entire world!”

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