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Episode 56

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When you think about the world of event production, what are the first words that spring to mind? Are they:
Robot Wars
Spontaneous and Ambitious
We are guessing no!!

In episode 5, Karen and Jack were lucky enough to catch up with Dave Young, Head of Production at ICC Belfast. His career to date is certainly very interesting and he has gained valuable experience and knowledge from some unique roles!
In this episode, you will hopefully appreciate that event production is more than lamps, cables and staging… it is working with the client to help them deliver successful, impactful events with a team that is passionate about their event.
Dave talks passionately about event production, technology and how the industry is evolving to adapt to a more demanding and creative thinking client.
Dave’s experience has come from further education, the entertainment industry, venues and agencies.

This breadth and depth of experience have landed him his current role at ICC Belfast. Dave and his team have successfully adapted the technical offering to suit the changing demands of the client. The ICC Belfast is a shining example of a ‘hybrid by design venue’ that has continued to invest in and develop its technical offering to ensure that clients have the last technical available to them.
Listen now to find out more about event production.

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Episode 56