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Episode 54

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In Episode 3, we turn our focus to the events industry and education.

We are joined by Claire Leer, Senior Lecturer at the University of Northampton.  Claire lectures in Events Management and Tourism, and as you will hear, is passionate about what she does.

But Claire has not always been in further education.

She started out studying Business Studies at University, and it was after her year-long work placement, that she discovered her love for the events industry.  The placement year was delivering events and exhibitions for the plastics industry… in Claire’s’ words, there isn’t anything she doesn’t know about plastic!

Skip forward a few years, and for many, Claire lands the dream job, working for Avon organising Incentive Trips for the top 25 managers in the Republic of Ireland.

Picture this:  weekly flights to foreign destinations, menu tastings, wine tastings, and many excursions to see what the destination city has to offer – this was her life for 7 years! Fantastic you may think?  And it was!  Claire is the first to admit that this was a perfect job for this time in her life.


Sometimes though a change is needed and enter the world of further education.

Claire’s industry knowledge, passion and experience are infectious which is possibly why she thrives in her role at the University of Northampton.

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