The Events Insight – S7 E1 Paul Newton

Episode 44

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Welcome to Season 7 of The Events Insight. We’ve made a few changes the season, including a new Producer and a few new features!

We kick off with a fabulous guest; the highly entertaining magician, mind reader, hypnotist and thief, Paul Newton. As an entertainer, author and keynote speaker, Paul is storming the events circuit blowing minds using magic and mind reading to steal words from your head and hack your personal information.

Pinpointing the origins of his interest as the moment he received a Paul Daniels magic kit at around six years old, Paul has honed his craft so well that it has been said that he could now actually pose a national security risk!

Paul’s enthusiasm for the entertainment, hospitality and events industry is infectious and he had us laughing throughout the whole recording. Hear how he got to where he is now, from his involvement early on in youth theatre to finding his niche and quitting the “day job”. Listen as he takes us on his journey through the theatre and entertainment sector to keynote speaking and making the most unflappable minds start to feel uneasy.

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Episode 44