The Events Insight – S5 E6 Chloe Richardson

Episode 35

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Joining us from a performance and language background this episode is Chloe Richardson, Master of Ceremonies and Content at GDS, a corporate event management company based in the UK and USA.

Chloe’s career as an event professional has evolved from singing at a French holiday resort and organising student events at University. Performing and presenting on stage, coupled with her impressive language skills – she is fluent in French and Portuguese – paved the way to her current role as MoC, a relatively new role in the industry.  She is clear about language being intrinsic to events since it is all about communication, and she knows first hand how it can break down barriers and build rapport on the international events circuit.

Not one to sit still for too long, Chloe thrives on the energy of events, even organising her own exhibition in order to understand the whole process.  Seeing every “failure” as a lesson and appreciating that all skills are transferrable, she believes changing direction is how we grow and learn and why working in events is the “most rewarding and rich experience.”

You can’t fail to be uplifted by Chloe’s energy and enthusiasm for our industry in this, our last guest episode of the Season – and we think you will agree that she has the most original and useful superpower!

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