The Events Insight S3:E7 “It’s a wrap!”

Episode 22

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For our Season 3 Finale, Jack and Ellan are joined by two avid listeners, Jan Denning of The Hospitality Partnership and Lisa Sweeting of Green Sense Events.

As the episode is first broadcast in the week of International Women’s Day, it seems fitting to give this a mention and compare views on the representation of women in events and other areas of life; whilst Jack recites meaningful quotes from Michelle O’Obama and Eleanor Roosesvelt, Jan observes that women’s ability to multi-task makes them perfect for this industry.

The episode is longer than normal, mainly because Jack is in the company of three women with a lot to say.  With six guests from Australia to the UK and Ireland to review, each representing a different role and sector, the conversation takes many directions and there is a lot of laughter. But everyone still agrees when you’re working in events in any role, you have the best job in the world!


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