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Founder of Smyle Group and the influential, industry-wide volunteer initiative, One Industry One Voice, Rick Stainton, joins Jack and Ellan this week.

Establishing his love of events way back whilst at university, even a broken neck and a failed business did not put him off. After spending time mastering his skills working for other agencies, he finally set up creative agency Smyle Events. Now seven-times winner of Agency of the Year and with a keen focus on innovation, diversity and sustainability, Smyle works with many big named global clients.

In August 2020, in response to the deluge of individual campaigns coming from different core sectors in the industry, Rick founded One Industry One Voice to bring them together with a strong message, providing a better understanding about the value of and power of events. This successful work is ongoing and now has a large and still growing following.

Believing in surrounding yourself with people that are better than you, he values a good attitude higher than qualifications and is a keen advocate of collaboration and respect for diversity – and his “positive paranoia” mantra ensures that he never becomes complacent.

 Listen to the story of lucky timing when hiring a then unknown James Blunt, and hear him become poetic when talking about good quality rum!

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