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Demonstrating the diversity of our wonderful events industry with Jack and Ellan this week is the lovely Emma Holling.  Emma is the Managing Director of Pure Records and Director of South Yorkshire’s finest boutique music festival, Underneath The Stars.

Along with running an independent record label, Emma runs the annual festival, incorporating three days of music, arts and family fun, with camping thrown in for good measure.  With no prior knowledge of running an event of this nature, this really was a steep learning curve and Emma tells us how she learned very quickly to build a trusted team and have confidence in her own abilities, and how rewarding it has all been.

Starting her career as a maths teacher, just like a lot of us in this industry, her career in events was a happy accident. With so many variables, you need to be flexible and creative and often just have to develop the rules as you go along, which is exactly what she has done!


Hear Emma talk about opportunities for those with a yearning for a career in events and how to find a way in; volunteering, being open-minded, putting yourself out there and continuous learning.


And if at any point you find you don’t know what to do, “just make tea!”

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